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    “It works. It’s cheap and it delivers. We wanted to buy a new computer, but instead, we bought Super PC Cleaner and a new cappuccino machine with the money saved. I’d give it five stars!”

    Anna Jones – Boston, USA
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    “We use SuperPCcleaner at the office. At least once a week it scans and removes the junk. It works well and doesn’t have popups.”

    Dimitri Kalganov – Moscow, Russia
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    “I bought Super PC cleaner because I don’t have time to clean my computer as it is. My husband uses it for his start up business and it works very well.”

    Luciana Gonzales – Durango, Mexico
About Us
Computers are very similar to humans. They have memory, they perform tasks and work hard, and they even need sleep. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your computer, keep it maintained and up to par.
That’s why we created Super PC Cleaner so a normal human can take super-care of their PC. Working with us is a very smooth process thanks to our simplified methods for developing good partnerships.

Super Clean System Limited is a young company based in the United Kingdom with an experienced team of developers, using advanced and high tech methodologies and applications. Along with our experts, we also provide a package for our white-label software products for resale and re-branding. Our Windows computer system maintenance software is a leading product in the industry of PC optimization and enhancement, whereas service to our partners is our number one priority.

All Super Clean System products are first planned out and strategically developed so that we can continue to improve our product with future update releases. Our software products are vigorously tested in several dynamic environments, and then thoroughly checked by our QA team before the final release. This makes sure that our software product is indeed as good as it gets.

The main focus of Super Clean System Limited is to supply Windows computer optimization software that will help keep the system running and working well. It’s important to know that your computer must be cleaned on a regular basis. The scanning technology built inside the software is so advanced that nothing can slip under its radar. Regular system reports will help you determine what can be cleaned or removed for enhanced PC performance.
True PC Experts
We love technology. Each of our team members was especially handpicked for their specific skills and knowledge. We don’t only love hi-tech, we live it!
Research & Tests
Our product was intensely researched before being developed. Multiple tests in different environments have been performed, and we continue to improve it.
Service & Support
Your satisfaction is our main focus because you are the customer. That’s why we provide top-class service and support for all questions, at any time.
Atención al cliente
  • ¿Dónde encuentro el enlace a la descarga de su producto?

    Siga los enlaces seguros listados más abajo para descargar nuestros productos software:

    Consiga Super PC Cleaner

  • ¿Por qué necesito Super Clean System?

    Super Clean System aumentará la velocidad de su ordenador limpiando archivos no deseados del registro, mantendrá su ordenador seguro, hará que el sistema sea más veloz y también mantendrá su información privada segura.

    Algunas funcionalidades incluyen mejorar el inicio (para que su ordenador o portátil arranque más rápidamente), modo de juego, aumentar la vida de la batería, escaneo personalizable del registro, ajustes de internet que se pueden modificar y mucho más.

  • ¿Cómo instalar Super Clean System?
    1. Haga clic aquí para descargar Super PC Cleaner.
    2. Verá que el producto se está descargando en la esquina inferior izquierda de su navegador.
    3. Haga clic en el archivo descargado y seleccione un idioma.
    4. Para continuar con el proceso de instalación, haga clic en Instalar en el asistente de configuración.
    5. Complete la instalación haciendo clic en Terminar.
    6. Cuando finalice la instalación, permita a Super Clean System que analice su ordenador. Cuando haya terminado, haga clic en Limpiar ahora y luego en Registrar.
    7. Introduzca su clave de licencia para activar todas las funcionalidades del programa (cierre todas las ventanas emergentes). ***

    *** Si no compró una clave de licencia, después de que el producto haya finalizado con el análisis gratuito haga clic en Limpiar ahora, luego en Registrar y, cuando el navegador se abra, podrá ver su carrito de la compra y proceder a realizar la compra de la clave de licencia.

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